Computer Classes (1 hr/day - 2 hrs/week)

Levels: Beginner 1st - Beginner 2nd - Intermediate 1st - Intermediate 2nd - Advanced 1st - Advanced 2nd
: 8 weeks
Lesson: 2 per week. 1 hour of lesson = 60 minutes. 2 hours per week
Level: all levels available
Class size: min 5 max 10 people
Description: The generalization of the pattern IBM-PC, as the dominant format of microcomputers in the United States as well as in the world, allowed the exchange of information between machines, without doubt that was what made easier the growth of the actual international net of computers, the Internet. However, a factor of extreme importance was lost in this transition process, creating a deficiency which this course definitely will cure: The lack, practically absolute, of documentation of utilizations of the operational systems and other elements of hardware and software to the users that are still not familiarized with their equipments. Computers bought from acclaimed distributors of hardware as Dell, HP, Sony and other brands of renown, simply do not offer the print documentation of utilization necessary, despite the legitimacy of the software of the operational system, licensee by the manufacturer and of utilization totally legal.
Let’s try a practical example: Certain programs are installed with the newly acquired computer and its respective documentation is located in files in the format PDF rather than the print format. The beginner user is immediately surrounded by obvious questions: “What is a PDF file?”, “How to get access to this file?”, “How I can I get instructions of utilizations if I don’t have the information’s on how to access it properly?”

The eminent result of the disassociation between the manufacturer of hardware/software and the necessity of proper print documentation to its users result in common cases of clients that have inappropriate machines for their necessities, and many times with advantages which those users can’t enjoy. These advantages remain, for indefinite time, hidden and without use, in most cases because of the lack of simple instructions that are easily executed in the actual operational systems.

Therefore this course presents itself with the principal goal to help the beginner user to discover the capabilities of their equipment and its unlimited capabilities.
After the conclusion of this course the user will be able to glimpse and practice in their machine, in a safe and confident way, any activity desired at work, entertainment, or electronic communication.

Name Code hours of lesson / week 8 weeks
Standard C1 2 360.00 $

Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
6 pm – 7:30 pm
7:30 pm – 9 pm

Morning Class
8 week course
All levels:

10:00 am – 12:00 noon