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Private classes:

1) Price: $65 per hour (minimum 10h) in our Institution

2) Price: $75 per hour (minimum 10h) at your home or your office


New course: ‘La lingua della cucina italiana’- Open to intermediate and advanced students

Starting date:  September 25th (7pm-8.30 pm) - 4 classes

Price: $195

The official exam of the Societa’ Dante Alighieri and recognized by the Ministry of Interior is the PLIDA.

The PLIDA Certification is an official diploma issued by the Dante Alighieri Society through a formal agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the scientific approval of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. PLIDA is also recognized by the Italian Ministry of Employment and Welfare (decree of October 18, 2002), and by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR - February 11, 2004).

The exam takes place 4 times per year

B1 test that is the one you must take to apply for the citizenship.





In order to get more info regarding the certification please visit the official website

To test your level:



Preparation courses

8 classes of 4 hours each 

Tuesday and Friday 5-9 pm

Price: $1900 (including all material)

*Next course will start:

May 26th or June 2nd (a minimum number of 3 students is required to start the class)

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We use the latest and most efficient learning methods, with authentic and original texts, and through the most advanced audiovisual equipment. Each session is driven by specific goals and themes, conducted by qualified and experienced native French teachers, in order to increase students’ communication skills and cultural background in French, regardless of their age or level.

Our classes (usually 2 hours long) are scheduled in two different sessions, depending on their intensity: Regular (once a week) or Accelerated (twice a week). So that students can learn at their own pace and according to their own level. Each session consists of 16 hours, covering 2 lessons of the books. The Regular session usually lasts 8 weeks, the Accelerated one 4 weeks. In addition, we propose private tutoring classes at the Dante or on site, tailored to your needs.

Each class follows the Common European Framework Reference of Language, which is common to all the languages taught at the Dante Alighieri Institute: Beginner level (A1-A2), Intermediate level (B1), Advanced level (B2), and Conversation (Expert) level (C1-C2). We have also a Civilization, a French literature and a History of France programs.

The price of the 16 hour session is $ 395.00 (+ $ 75.00 for the books).

You can discover some picturesque parts of French overseas (Territories). Other events will also include the Fête de la musique, Bastille Day, Beaujolais nouveau, History of France, Saint Valentin song and film screenings. These events are open to French and non-French speaking audience from the Miami area.





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